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Point to be Noted Ratings
What do you say to a little F**k?Just added
Registered as Mr. and MrsJust added
Warnings on beer and alcohol5.32
Success is5.81
Difference between women4.89
The Good, the bad, and the ugly4.94
It all makes sense now5.76
Some great comebacks6.12
Bumper Stickers1
Sleeping at work6.2
Things to never say to a Cop5.5
Fifty-Six fun things to do in Walmart6.45
Life is like a Movie5.24
Why Worry?5.23
Inner Peace5.7
The Dysfunctional Section of a Hallmark6.03
Online too long4.75
Describing a woman4.45
What woman think about sex5.68
A good secretary and an excellent one5.32
Different signs3.29
IT heights3
The one6.04
The fastest way to a man's heart5.13
Too much of happiness5.2
Sensitive Men5.17
Computer He or She2.33
Naughty Answering Machine Messages:4.83
Some actual label instructions on consum5.4
Fast Facts5.25
....When it4.75
2nd coat3
Are you kidding5.17
George Carlin Quotes!1
Times Ten5.25
Rules Guys Wish Women Knew6.1
Computer like a men...5.38
Computer like a women..4.5
Funny Signs5.55
You still have ten minutes4
Not bad4
Internet Dating Terms Men Use5.78
I prefer5.33
he?s in too far6.29
Feeling Guilty5.33
Another week6
His and Hers ATM Machines5.82
Anything we have not seen before5.64
Outrun you6.57
What do you think I should do5.78
Republican National Convention Schedule3.38
How was your blind date - short jokes0
why have you got two? - Short Jokes0
kill me - Short jokes0
Breasts or Legs - Short Jokes6.67
Without - Short jokes0
call a dog - Short Jokes0
Qualified for the position - Short Jokes0
four seasons - Short Jokes2.67
Responsible - Short Jokes0
Gangster`s son - Short Jokes2
Cuban National Anthem - Short Jokes6
Olympic team - Short Jokes0
Still alive - Short Jokes5
Change the radio station - Short Jokes0
Vaseline - Short Funny Story7.17
10 signs your an Internet geek0
Love is when - Short Jokes2
What is going on there - Short Funny Story0
credit card was stolen - Short Jokes0
Unmarried - Short Jokes0
effects of drinking - Short Jokes4
End of a sentence0
In Corporate Sector7.6
Top 10 things NOT to say to parents when picking up a date2
GREAT time - Short jokes5
What The Words Really Mean6.29
Member or not - Short Funny Story4
What do you like most - Short Jokes4.67
Impossible to Please - Short Funny Story6
Drunk Men - Short Funny Story6
10 reasons why your computer is better than your girlfriend4
Fragrance snobs6
If I take Two4
Crazy Thoughts0
The psychic5
A young journalist7.2
Accident Report5
The difference between Potentially and Realistically0
Lessons learned0
we need the eggs3.33
Head shot - Funny Story5
Bells began to ring5
One Wish0
Two bums6
My point exactly0
Already got the holes0
After College Days0
Get hot mamma be Cheerful0
Injected with cyanide0
Invited some people to dinner0
I can not do it anymore4.67
What is your name0
The Small Guy5
Scotsman in a kilt - Short Jokes2
Dead in a week - Short jokes4
be very careful - Short Jokes6
Pair of white gloves- Short Funny Story6
Big John0
eating handfuls of grass0
Standing before her coffin - Short Jokes0
will be held against you - Short Jokes0
Great Writer0
Without sex for several Years7
Plug in it - short jokes0
comparing notes - Short jokes4
should draw your bedroom curtains - Short Jokes5
any doubt what he was doing - short Jokes5.33
I lost my toupee6
That was still - Short Joke3
For noise abatement - Short joke0
Superstitious - Short joke0
I mowed the lawn like - Short Joke4
Useless in a fight0
It was okay except7.5
Hard ice Cream - Short joke2
Just joined - Short joke6.67
A gorgeous girl looked at me - short joke5
Fridge for sale $502
I'm gonna do it a little different5
Real answers received0
I bet you'd really like - Short joke4
K Y jelly - Short Joke5.33
Classic things to say when stressed0
Life at work is good - Funny Story0
She is going to kill me - Funny Story6
That's not a Pig - Short joke0
The best years of my life7.33
That may be True - Short joke0
Norm Hi & Max0
I am in the wrong0
I was really - Short Joke2
My wife is dead - Short Joke0
It could have been worse4.8
I am proud of my girls2.67
Stay cool Albert6
Inexpensive evening6
Average American0

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