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you look just like my sonJust added
Her car has been brokenJust added
These are statements from insurance forms where car drivers tried to summarize accident detailsJust added
No use knockin palJust added
Emma come first6.3
A kind hearted woman5
The rich African king6.15
The Saddle Horn5.93
Fighting the bull3.88
A terrible road accident5.71
A gift for a friend3.79
One wish genie6.03
The genie gets even5.8
The Coat..5
Divorced Barbie!5.77
What are you smuggling?5.82
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody?and Nobody4.06
Who?s Listening Who?3.47
The Coded Message6.21
Don't ever do that again5.91
I'd Rather!5
A talking Clock!5.4
Potato Garden6.3
Glass pants!5.48
Satan and An old man6.16
This is unfair4.14
Speed Limit!5.29
One wish genie (version 2)6.18
Which Airline?3.58
Paying an Invoice!4.42
Guidelines for Drive Through Cash Point5.8
I want to be a Beautiful5.57
One day ima gonna4.25
Fun Things to do on an Elevator6.26
REAL fun4.5
How did you do that5.5
Ten Things Which Women Like to hear5.5
A Vegetable Thief2.5
Yellow Pages3
Feel young again5.43
Retirement bonus6.47
Actual Label Instructions5.8
Airline attendants anouncements6.22
Your Resume Really Mean6
Answering Service of Mental Health5.38
Interesting Facts5.33
have you tried5.32
Wacky definitions0
Perfect Women0
1957 to the 2007 American society0
According to Dad4.67
Never screw up!0
Three types of bras0
Bubba Called 9110
Ten Signs That You?re At A Bad Zoo0
Having problems remembering things5.64
They won't let me4
Funny Notes0
Only in the movies2
You are Getting Old when5
Driving me nuts0
Shove them up your7
Public restroom0
Funny things to do during an examination0
Tiger Woods Jokes0
4th of July Jokes4
Two aliens landed4
Change your hair style0
Reason to Walk3
Diet Excuses0
Have to live on the island for the rest of our lives5.2
The Word as you know0
Whatcha got there?5
How many did you catch this morning?5
I'd like to order breakfast for6

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