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Unrated cell phones Apps exposing children to suicide and sex -
Category: News
Unrated cell phones Apps exposing children to suicide and sex

VIOLENT and sexually explicit games that have escaped government classification are being downloaded in their thousands to smart phones such as Apple's hugely popular iPhone.

The classification loophole means schoolchildren given smart phones and similar devices by their parents are being exposed to material which would be restricted in other forms of media, such as video game consoles, magazines and movies.

The material can be downloaded on to iPhones from Apple's App Store in as little as 60 seconds.

A credit card or debit card is needed to create an iTunes account to download the apps.

In one game, 5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself), players have the option of a number of weapons to "get the job done".

The game's logo is an image of a man with a knife through his head.

In Girls And Drinks, players are encouraged to drink excessively to attract "sexy" barmaids.

"Choose a sexy bartender. The more you drink, the sexier she gets," the spiel says.

The suicide game triggered a furious response from Beyond Blue chairman and anti-depression advocate Jeff Kennett.

"Put this in the hands of a kid who is depressed or has been bullied, it's like throwing fuel on the fire to the problem," he said.

Apple has about 150,000 apps available on its site in Australia.

Ratings given by Apple are in small print on the games' listings.

The games do not contain ratings from the Government's Classification Board, as they are required to under Federal law.

The board's website notes "games must be classified by the board before they can be sold or hired in Australia".


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