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Searching for 'Jessica Biel' Is Bad for Your Computer -
Category: News
Searching for 'Jessica Biel' Is Bad for Your Computer

Entering "Jessica Biel" into a search engine might not be the best idea these days. Instead of a list of the actress's credentials, or even some sexy photographs, you'll most likely end up with spam, spyware, a virus or a busted computer.

Reuters reports that Jessica Biel topped a list of the riskiest A-list celebrity names to search on the Web. The list, compiled by Internet security company McAfee Inc., found that users have a one-in-five chance of being directed to a malicious site when searching for Biel's name. It should come as no surprise that hackers use popular trends to infect computers and steal personal information. Last year, Brad Pitt topped McAfee's list, and he ranked only tenth in 2009.

Two other beautiful women topped this year's list -- Beyonce second, and Jennifer Aniston third. 'Beyonce ringtones' and 'Jennifer Aniston screensavers' are two of the worst phrases to search, according to McAfee. Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Tisdale, and others rounded out the list. As usual, let us warn you to be careful in your travels across the Web. Besides, that's just Megan Fox's head superimposed on a naked body. It's not worth an infected computer. Trust us



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