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Obama Will Make Your Child GAY -
Category: News
Obama Will Make Your Child GAY

Far-right Christian fundamentalist group Family Research Council has a clever idea for raising money: convince supporters that President Barack Obama will take away their Bibles and turn their kids gay.

That's essentially what the group's newest fundraising alert amounts to, with its claim that the president has a "plan" to "impose homosexuality" and "silence Christianity."

It's hard to make this stuff up.

In truth, it's a lengthy, deceptive rant about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would ensure gay, lesbian and transgendered people have a right to work alongside other Americans without fear of reprisal by the employers due solely to their sexual orientation or appearance.

The letter, which repeatedly refers to those not aligned with Christianity as "the homosexual Left," explains:


*The government prosecuting a small business owner -- perhaps a Christian bookstore -- for declining to hire an open-homosexual or cross-dresser.
*Your employer telling you to remove the Bible from your desk because it is offensive to the homosexual or cross-dresser he was forced to hire.
*Your church being forced to choose between hiring a man who dresses as a woman to work in the Mother's Day Out or preschool program or facing federal investigation.
*Your teen coming home from his faith-based summer camp and telling you his councilor was an openly-practicing homosexual.
Unimaginable, you say? The government can't force churches to do that, can it?
It can -- if ENDA becomes law.


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