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Human magnet -
Category: News
Human magnet

Can't find your house keys? They're probably stuck to 'human magnet' Brenda Allison - who claims that she has a powerful personal magnetic field that makes metal objects stick to her skin. Strangely, this even applies to non-magnetic objects.


Not only does the 50-year-old accounts manager from Holloway, North London, say that metal items including coins, keys and even tin lids attach themselves to her, she also claims that she inadvertently sets off car alarms, blows light bulbs and interferes with TV signals.
Or maybe she's just got rather sticky skin.
She says that she's been aware of her powers since nursery school, when she started affecting electrical equipment - but it wasn't until earlier this year that she discovered metal object would stick to her.
The novelty has long since worn off, apparently, with Allison saying that her 'magnetism' now mostly being an embarassment.
She is far from the first person to claim human magnetism - many others have claimed to have similar powers, often supporting much larger metal objects than Brenda does. Most famous are the Tenkaev family in Russia, where the supposed powers stretching across three generations, with grandfather Leonid Tenkaev reportedly able to lift 23kg objects with his chest.


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