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Hidden in a secret government warehouse -
Category: Blonde
Hidden in a secret government warehouse

Conspiracy theorists take note?
This warehouse contains all sorts of things that were shown on TV and in the movies, that were indicated fell into government hands and were never heard from again. Also included are things that some folks claim have existed for years (like the 100 MPG carburetor) that the Government has decided to hide away somewhere.

Here are just a few of the 500 things in the warehouse:


100 MPG Carburetor

Engine that runs on tap water

The dead aliens from a crippled UFO the gov?t captured.

H.G. Wells? working time machine from ?Time After Time?

The dinosaur skull with a bullet hole in it

The Ghostbusters? proton packs

An authorization for the assassination of Norma Jean Baker. It is signed by President John F. Kennedy and is dated 4 August 1962

A gun recovered from a grassy knoll in Dallas, Texas by CIA agents on 22 November 1963

A large stone tablet, reconstructed from pieces, with writing on it. It is Hebrew and has Commandments 11 through 17

Papers showing that professional wrestling is real

One red riding hood, slightly bloody

Proof that President Bush chose Quayle as his running mate to prevent future assassination attempts

A blackboard with equations that prove that time *is* money

The squadren of jet powered Spruce Geese

Amelia Earhart?s flight jacket

The Terminator?s arm

Beethoven?s Eleventh Symphony

A tight-fitting blue costume with a big red ?S? on the chest

The center of a tootsie roll pop

The Heart of Gold

The ?magic gun? that fired the ?magic bullet? that killed JFK

A searchlight with the sillouette of a bat on it

The ?sets and costumes? that were used to film the Apollo Moon Landing

The FBI and CIA files detailing the Career of ?Special Agent Elvis?

A mountain of letters addressed to Santa Claus

One kite, string, and key that are scorched

In a corner a Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine

Yoko Ono?s talent

Michael Jackson?s original nose

The original blueprints for building the Great Pyramid of Egypt

A telephone book for the Planet Mars

The original magnifying glass used by Sherlock Holmes

A bottle of smoke from the Chicago Fire

The real contents of Al Capone?s Vault

A bottle of the ?andromedia strain? Virus

The bones of the Loch Ness Monster

Snake Plisken?s death certificate

The Blob? in a large freezer of course

Used hypodermic needle; once injected a miniaturized submarine into a neck

Copy of hostage-withholding agreement between Bush and the Ayatollah

Captain Hook?s hand

The recipie for Macdonald?s secret sauce

1000 mint-condition WWII army Jeeps, to be sold for $50 each

The hover-skateboard from BTTF2

A complete transcription and dates and times for all of Nosatradamus?s prophecies!

The REAL McCarthy list, before the politicain?s saw it

The missing 80 points of Dan Quayle?s IQ

Every taxicab in the Metropolitan New York area (only while it?s raining)

A grafitti-free subway car

A calendar containing a month made up entirely of Sundays

?That Loving Feeling?

Everything ever lost in the Bermuda Triangle

Political ethics

One human skeleton, found in casket, with a wooden stake inserted into the ribcage

Several spare self-destructing tape recorders

Millions of Pet Rocks (everybody bought one, nobody has one now, they have to be SOMEWHERE!)

Hundreds of millions of dirty socks, each tagged with the time, date and location of the laundry in which they disappeared

The location of Car 54

Frankenstein?s Monster

A passenger pigeon (became extinct in the late 19th century)

A pair of shoes with a tag saying, ?Found near Abbey Road?

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