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Food/Drink Ratings
Are you the one?Just added
In just three words4.64
Bowl of oatmeal5.17
On a single roll of the dice5.31
Are you the owner?5.94
Genie grants you one wish5.93
Bad day1
Cowboy and a lesbian5.84
The Drunk Man5.73
Crawled to home5.89
Am I the first man5.16
Drunk on the toilet5.67
Just fishing5.48
No strawberry5.32
First aid course4.96
Just found out5.37
A bet with bartender5.57
A better one4.94
A country lad in the big city4.94
A Chinese and a Hollywood director5.23
French restaurant5.37
No ma?am4.89
With no zippers or buttons4.4
Beer Turns Men into Women5.79
Drinking fast5
Beer Effects4
What they thought of beer2
What time does the bar open5.75
I embarrassed you5.54
Sound exactly3
Going to the Bar5.5
You get too violent5.14
The jar2
An Armless Man4
New study about Alcohol5.43
A man goes into a bar with a giraffe0
10 Pints of extra stout back to back4
I try to flash4
Big lobster Tales6
Just one thing6.46
Food or no food2
Dining Companion5

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